In The Arena with Caroline Roffman

A valued member of the Vita Flex Victory Team, Caroline Roffman is an international dressage trainer and competitor in the top ranks of her sport. Her introduction to equestrian sports came early in life, as she grew up in an area of Massachusetts where jumping and fox hunting were major activities. Her mother encouraged her early on, and though the first horse that she bought for Caroline was not able to jump, Caroline was able to begin learning dressage. In Caroline’s words, "I can thank my mom for getting me into horses!"

Caroline Roffman Riding Sagacious HF in Aachen after taking 2nd Place

Dressage quickly became Caroline’s passion. From the start she was never afraid of hard work and made the most of every horse she was lucky enough to train and show. Her formative years in the Young Riders division staged her pathway to success. Caroline won five medals in the North American Junior Young Riders Championships (NAJYRC) and never looked back.

In a few short years she transitioned from young riders to become one of the country's most decorated young trainers, with back-to-back wins at four consecutive Young Horse Championships, two trips to the Winners Circle at the USEF National Championships at Gladstone, 1st in the Brentina Cup Champion in 2011 and then as the Intermediare Champion in 2012. Caroline was noticed worldwide in 2010 when the FEI honored her as the recipient of the Rising Star Award.

Most recently, Caroline made her European show debut and scored over 76% in the Under 25 Grand Prix Freestyle with Sagacious HF to finish 2nd at Aachen. With her former broodmare, Her Highness O, Caroline also finished in the 70 percentile at Aachen and the United States team Chief D'Equipe, Rober Dover declared "A star is born."

Caroline riding Her Highness O

The fine line for Caroline Roffman and her equestrian partners is teamwork that, as she describes, is when a horse shows brilliance and spirit but is still focused on the rider. Caroline believes that supplements used during training offers the opportunity for her horses to gain the confidence they need in the ring to remain composed and focused. She likens her horses' performance to that of human athletes, where it takes teamwork and the best of everything to stay healthy and put in a top performance.

In fact, Caroline says, "I think it’s a really large part of why I am competitive in the show ring, it's the management and care of my horses and Vita Flex is a huge part of that...every horse in our barn is on a Vita Flex product." One of those products is Accel® Lifetime, a general vitamin and mineral supplement, that provides the essential nutrients that horses need to reach this peak level of performance.

Caroline avoids making quick judgments with her show partners and gives as an example her experience with Her Highness O. When Caroline began working with Her Highness, affectionately given the nickname "Hannah," she had only 45 days under saddle in the preceding two and a half years, but Caroline quickly found that Her Highness was an up and comer. Caroline says that Her Highness's unique character, huge heart and willingness to give 100% all of the time has enabled Her Highness to become one of the highest-ranked Intermediare L-1 dressage horses in the U.S.

Although the judgment might not be made quickly, Caroline has a knack for finding the "sparkle" that helps a top-equine athlete shine: "I think you can see it. It's a presence, just like people, you know, you see one and they stand tall or they have a bright expression in their eye. I think besides being talented at what they do, that's a huge part too."

When she’s not riding, Caroline Roffman still tends to center her life on horses. She places large importance on charity, especially equine charities that are close to her heart. Caroline says, "I love my horses, but I really love helping people, especially when they really want it and they dream of doing this at the top level, it’s fun."

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