Meet the 2013 Vita Flex Victory Team

Vita Flex is proud to introduce the 2013 Vita Flex Victory Team. The Vita Flex Victory Team consists of leading competitive riders from multiple disciplines who use Vita Flex products and horse supplements to support peak performance in their horses. Vita Flex is stepping up their game this year, not only with a 2013 Victory Team who are already making headlines with their wins, but also with an updated website, expanded social media presence (Facebook, Twitter and, soon, YouTube), and this news section covering Victory Team and competitive equine events that will be posted on the Vita Flex website on a regular basis.

And the 2013 Vita Flex Victory Team members are (drum roll please…)

Vita Flex is proud to welcome these highly accomplished individuals to the Victory Team. Keep up with the Vita Flex Victory Team of world-class equestrians on our website, and be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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